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  • What is Snowberry?

    Snowberry is premium, anti-aging skin care, created in New Zealand. Snowberry was conceived by cosmetician, Soraya Hendesi because she wanted for herself and her family, skin care that she could trust. Consequently, Snowberry contains none of the potentially harmful petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colouring, silicones or glycols found in many skin care products, and nor does Snowberry use parabens for its product preservative system. Snowberry does contain, without compromise, the finest natural oils and clinically proven bio actives at levels where they will most enhance skin renewal and regeneration.

  • What is premium natural skin care?

    Natural skin care comes in a wide range of ‘flavours.’ It is often very simple and comprising of little more than one or two moisturising oils and of course is very cheap to make. Nor can it make many, if any claims regarding effectiveness. On the other hand, truly antiaging skin care can make use of some quite extraordinary natural herbal extracts and oils to target not just moisturising and hydration but also glycation, free radicals and metalloproteinases. And in Snowberry’s case, selected serums and creams also make use of one or more of thirteen peptides. Among the most expensive ingredients that can be used in anti-aging skin care, peptides are known to stimulate the skin’s ability to produce the essential proteins collagen and elastin as well as glycans that improve the skin’s natural hydration. Premium natural skin care is characterised as a considerable range of clinically proven ingredients, scientifically combined without compromise in ways that will help to counter the enemies of radiant skin.

  • How does premium natural compare to the ‘big’ brands?

    Like natural skin care generally, Snowberry does not contain any petrochemicals, silicones or volatile alcohols for example, which we believe are used only because they are cheap and are likely to give a longer shelf-life to the product. What we do know is that some of these ingredients are known to engender skin irritation and with prolonged use may actually contribute to chronic low level inflammation. A premium natural skin care brand such as Snowberry doesn’t just avoid these aggressive chemicals; it also includes the finest, clinically proven skin anti-aging ingredients known to dermatological science..

  • Is Snowberry a certified organic skincare brand?

    Snowberry is not certified ‘natural’ or ‘organic.’ We believe that our customers want the safety implied by ‘natural,’ but we know they also want antiaging effectiveness. In order to achieve that very high level of functionality, Snowberry contains, for example, some peptide complexes, enzyme formulations and anti oxidants that are simply not available from organic sources.

  • Where is Snowberry located?

    Snowberry is located in Auckland, New Zealand, where all Snowberry skin care products are designed, manufactured and packed. However, we also distribute from logistics centres in Germany and the USA.

  • Is there a Snowberry travel range?

    Yes, Snowberry’s core range of antiaging products can be purchased in small pumps and tubes designed for convenient travelling. You may also acquire a very beautiful Snowberry signature travel bag for all your skin care products. Contact us directly for details.

  • Does Snowberry produce any of its own ingredients?

    The Snowberry ethos is to use the finest skin care ingredients from anywhere in the world. For that reason Snowberry contains the purest Neem oil from India, exquisite Cloudberry oil and white peat extracts from the high latitudes, and superb jojoba, pejabaye, suma, acai, and cupuacu from the Amazon. New Zealand rainforest though, is an untapped source of bio actives and other exotic ingredients. For this reason Snowberry has established an extensive plantation to cultivate indigenous trees and plants known to contain resins, oils and seeds with very special properties – many of which will soon augment or replace ingredients procured from faraway places. At this time the oil from the Harakeke seed is included in the Snowberry Bright Defence line of products. Over time, we will include more New Zealand rainforest antiaging ingredients.

  • How important is research for the Snowberry products?

    Very! Many skin care products are formulated from standard recipes in cosmetics texts. Many skin care products are developed by enthusiasts at home and some are good moisturising products. However, true antiaging skin care requires a considerable degree of scientific expertise. Snowberry products are not off-the-shelf and are scientifically formulated to make best use of the best clinically proven antiaging ingredients from around the world. In addition, Snowberry works with the University of Auckland in New Zealand on long-term research programmes specifically to find new-to-the-world technologies that will enhance Snowberry’s antiaging effectiveness. And finally, Snowberry is one of the few skin care brands in the world that cultivates plants specifically to find new antiaging extracts. We think of Snowberry as authentic skin care that combines the best of science and Nature.

  • Are your product colours artificial?

    No – Snowberry’s product colours are entirely natural. It should be noted that it is for this reason that the colour of a particular product might vary from batch to batch. There is considerable variation in the colour of natural ingredients depending largely on the season and the timing of their harvest.

  • Is Snowberry suitable for sensitive skin?

    Dermatological tests show Snowberry serums and creams have zero levels of skin irritancy and are deemed to be hypoallergenic. That does not mean that it is not possible for someone to react to Snowberry just as they might to any brand. An ingredient or even part of one ingredient that is completely safe on most people, might be an allergen on one unfortunate person. For this reason we always recommend patch testing the product on the skin of the under arm before application to the face. We also recommend sparing application because Snowberry does contain active ingredients. Remember that if you have been applying a non-active product for a length of time and you switch to an active product, the skin can take a few days to become accustomed. Should you experience any reaction stop using the product for a day or two and when the skin has settled, recommence but using only slight amounts of the product. In the unlikely event of a stronger reaction, please contact us and always quote the batch number on the product you have been using.

  • Are your products independently tested?

    Most Snowberry serums and creams are subject to independent, clinical trials by IDEA, Dermatological Institute in France, Dermatest in Germany and Abich Laboratories in Italy.

  • Is Snowberry safe for use in pregnancy?

    Snowberry products are gentle and are generally suitable for use with sensitive skin. There are no petrochemical ingredients and no Nano ingredients although it is possible that some of the zinc oxide used in our natural sunscreens is below the threshold for Nano. With the exception of honey and cultured pearl there are no animal ingredients. The ingredients for each Snowberry product are listed on this site. If you have any concerns please consult with your doctor.

  • Are your skin care products tested on animals?

    No, Snowberry does not test on animals and we require written assurance form the suppliers of our ingredients that they follow the same policy. However, all skin care and cosmetic products are tested on animals before registration is granted in China. We are optimistic that the alternative testing methods appr0oved by the EU will soon be adopted in China also.